Saturday, September 19, 2009

Public Sculpture : Recreational Sculpture

Public sculpture refers to works of sculpture in any media and its creation is solely for public space, is specifically commissioned and its audience is the general public. Public sculpture involves collaboration often between artists, architects, built environment professionals and the public as well as the commissioned party or patrons. Public sculpture should advocate the sensitivity and context of the site.

Public sculptures in Malaysia are often monumental and free standing, most of the public sculpture were commissioned by local municipals, art galleries or interested party in relaying their messages to the general public.

Correct me if I was wrong, but I think the Asean Sculpture Garden, were the only non-commissioned public sculpture in Malaysia whereas the rest were commissioned public sculpture.

There's one [particular genre of public sculpture that have not yet materialised in Malaysia. The recreational public art/sculpture.The healthy numbers of public sculpture being commissioned in the western world was due to the 1 percent law propagated in the 1970s. The law requires building contractors or architecture firms to allocate 1 percent of their project cost to be devoted to public art and many chose to erect public sculpture as fulfilment to the law enforced.In Malaysia, however, such law did not exist and it is the prerogative of the building owners, contractors or the architectural firm to engage sculptors or landscape architects to beautify their site.The National Art Gallery plays a vital role in enhancing the public’s perception towards appreciating sculpture and other work of arts. The commissioning of large sculptures by the gallery in 2000, enhances public’s perception towards the existence of public sculptures.

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  1. Salam Prof Ramlan,

    Can you explain more regarding the recreational public art..and its potential to be implement in Malaysia urban landscape.